IP Telephony - VoIP, PSTN, Calls From PC To PC

Telecommunication is the underlying cause of successful business and personal communication. With the world growing so fast it's vitally important to possess the ability of reaching whatever place in the world without leaving your home or office.

The oldest way to perform telecommunication is by ordinary phone that the great majority of people worldwide have in their homes. Without any doubt telephones are reliable devices. But the cost of phone calls is still noticeable especially when you run a business that requires making multiple phone calls. Regardless the relatively cheap short distance calls international phone calls may still be a heavy burden to your budget.

But today's technologies have found a new method that allows making multiple calls to wherever in the world absolutely for free. It's IP telephony.

IP telephony is designed to provide cheap telecommunication between internet users. IP telephony is transportation of telephone calls over the Internet Protocol (IP) that uses telephone devices and computers with multi-media accessories. As the only thing you constantly pay for is your internet connection IP telephony is the most affordable way of telephoning. If initially your computer is not equipped with a microphone and earphones you should buy them. But regardless this inconsiderable small expenses IP telephony is much more preferable when it comes to long distance calls and international calls.

With IP telephony you do not pay for the calls, you pay for your internet connection. But you are to cover the cost of your internet whatever the case.

IP telephony is a technology that unites data-oriented and voice-oriented communication. Before the introduction of IP telephony you had to transport data and voice separately that was expensive enough. But the combination of data and voice during transportation provides better bandwidth utilization and results in costs reduction.

IP telephony solutions offer multiple choices of activating and terminating devices. You may make phone calls from PC to PC, from PC to ordinary telephone, from telephone to PC, from telephone to another telephone.

Of course IP telephony is still to be modernized. For instance the quality of voice over internet protocol (VoIP) may be lower than the quality you have while using Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) due to packet delay and loss.

Why to Choose VoIP

VoIP technologies offer a lot of advantages over traditional telephone lines: low cost international calls, easiness in installation, configuration and maintenance, economical effectiveness, free extra features included into VoIP packages, portability and flexibility. Read More...

What VoIP Providers are Suitable for You?

For a monthly fee VoIP service providers offer a basic VoIP package that includes call waiting, call conference, caller ID, free international calls to a certain geographic area, etc along with other options that set them apart from other telecommunication companies. Read More...

Ways IP Telephony Works

There are several IP telephony scenarios that are classified according to the devices used at both communicating ends: computer to computer, computer to phone, phone to computer, phone to phone. Read More...

The Disadvantages of VoIP

VoIP providers and developers are currently trying to eliminate the following disadvantages of IP telephony: reliance on wall power, incompatibility with 911 services, susceptibility to viruses and hacking, interferences with latencies and jitters, caused by package loss. Read More...

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